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Community Outreach

Part of our mission is to give back!  We strongly believe in leaving people and animals better for having crossed our paths.  Creating a foundation that supports all the lives that make up our community can create a ripple effect of compassion, kindness and improved welfare. Together we are stronger!

We have our Paw It Forward Campaign where families who need financial assistant or sponsored services receive them so we can support their needs with their animals. So far we have helped cover emergency veterinarian services, spays and neuters, basic needs of sheltering, food and vet care and pro bono behavioral work. 

We also provide many shelter evaluations for open admission shelters who need help assessing dogs, increased enrichment plans, customized behavioral plans and best practices for shelter animals.

We are proudly paving the way for new programs such as Being Mindful within the rescue community itself.  These Workshops and Zoom courses focus on educating people on just how powerful their own human expectations, assumptions, ego and behavior are in affecting their relationship with their foster animals. Ultimately, helping rescues retain and grow their foster base long-term. Our Canine Good Citizen program for boarding dogs has been a very productive development for rescue dogs that need additional support and socialization; cultivating a more adoptable dog and inspiring volunteers to get involved! We also do our part at local Adoption Events.  When we volunteer for adoption events, we are a source of support to advocate for humane science based education for the rescue community and animals that live within the community. 

Our rescue partners

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