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Real Animal Sanctuary

REAL Animal Sanctuary is a 501c3 non-profit organization that developed from a rescue that pulled dogs and cats from high-kill shelters in Texas and a lifetime of being the type of person who took action for animals in need. As our rescue efforts became flooded with animals returned, owner-surrendered, terminally ill, feral, and ones that needed extensive behavioral support, we realized that while the rescue is essential for reducing the 9,000 dogs and cats killed every day just in our country, we could not continue to put a quantity mentality over the quality of life. Therefore, it is with every fiber of our being, our purpose here on Earth, our passion, sweat, blood, and tears that we provide 10 dogs and 19 cats with a loving forever family where they receive proper veterinarian attention, TLC, training, enrichment, daily walks, play-groups, high-medical needs cases, and a home environment.


We rely on donations and our own personal money to continue our efforts every single day (including but not limited to medication, cat litter, hay, mulch, vaccines, adequate housing, leashes, food, veterinary bills, dog beds, etc). There are no vacations, sick days, or time off. We commit fully to the physical, spiritual, mental and soulful well-being of our dependent innocent animals, as we consider them to be our family.


Voice for the Voiceless,

Jennifer Caves, M.Psy, CGC, LFPPE  |  Founder and President

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Our dogs are not available for adoption; they are considered our REAL Sanctuary forever canine family. Sponsoring an individual dog is a loving way to contribute to their mental and physical health.

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