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About Us


Our mission is simple; education, ethics, empowerment, and energy. We educate every person who crosses our paths. It is crucial that the humans responsible for a dog have an understanding of behavioral science and how dog’s truly learn. If we do not start with the science of the way dogs learn, everything that flows from a person’s misunderstanding of their dog’s psychology can skew expectations, and frustrations and impact your training goals. Educating the person allows for us to teach your dog more effectively. Education is ethical! Ethics is in every behavioral plan, from LIMA principles, to the most current scientific research, to your dog being a sentient being with feelings, emotions, and behaviors that serve a function, give information and are communicative in nature. We are always kind, humane and ethical in our work. Empowerment is about the relationship we create in our work together.  We are a team. I will be your coach, your mentor, your teacher, your support system. Your confidence, skill set, conviction in our work and passion to meet your behavioral goals develop from this energy. You will also have a new sense of self-development and connection with your dog.  With this newfound knowledge base, you become a driving force and the relationship between you and your dog reaches a new level you didn’t even know was possible.

Connecting human behavior with dog behavior is one of the best ways to achieve relationship based learning. It is great to focus on your dog but you have to focus on you too! Self-reflection and being mindful of ways your behavior impacts your dog’s behavior can make or break results. We are here for the growth on both ends of the leash.

Meet Jennifer

Hi! I'm Jennifer Caves, Founder of REAL Animal Behavior Solutions. I have my Master's in Psychology, Canine Good Citizen Certification, Licensed Family Paw Parent Educator, and 20 years of working with behavior dogs. Continuing education courses are an ever-flowing part of my promise to my clients.


Jennifer Caves, M.Psy, CGC, LFPPE

 Founder and President 

Image by Taylor Kopel

Sanctuary Side

I have always been that person who steps up to rescue, foster and take in any animal in need. It has been my heart and who I am at my core that has guided my decisions in saving dogs and cats from death row, street animals, dumped animals and running a rescue and sanctuary for those in need.  


Our non-profit, 501c3 has never had any criteria in who we save. Feral, labeled aggressive, injured, cat, dog, fearful, you name it; we save it. We value all animals and provide a true home alongside our rehabilitation program to get that individual animal to their best version of their self.  It is a huge undertaking and self-sacrificing to live this life of giving. There are no vacations, sick days, or time off.


We commit fully to the physical, spiritual, mental and soulful well-being of our dependent innocent animals, as we consider them to be our family. It is with every fiber of our being, our purpose here on Earth, our passion, sweat, blood and tears that we sustain our rescue efforts. Our mission grows its impact with you! Your support through volunteering and donations makes our work sustainable. Thank you for being here, thank you for caring and thank you for validating our life’s work.

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