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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you work with all ages, breeds, behavioral issues and sizes?
    Absolutely. Behavior is behavior and the science is the science. While we respect that every dog is an individual, we have an inclusive approach to our client’s needs. With a high standard in REAL results and a specialization in all behavioral imbalances.
  • “My veterinarian and previous dog trainers have been unsuccessful in helping me and my dog, what makes your approach different?”
    This is shared frustration of my potential clients. They are often even on the verge of losing hope. Our programs are not your typical dog training session, while we can certainly do the basics and respect the need for fundamentals. Our approach is based on science, psychology of learning, dog psychology, ignites the canine-human bond, research-based and educating the person just as much as the dog. Our programs are un-paralleled in our comprehensive, integrative, holistic and customized education of both ends of the leash. This means there is a shared responsibility in our work together and a team approach in our behavioral plans. The support system of you and your dog’s journey and the continued education in our professional knowledge base is part of our effective REAL community philosophy. Our head canine-human educator is one of the only behaviorists in the Dallas-Fort Worth area that studied behavior, laws of learning and psychology at the graduate level, with her Masters in Psychology as well as multiple certifications that are dog-centric.
  • What are my first steps in using REAL Behavioral Solutions for my behavioral goals?
    We always encourage potential clients to book a consultation via phone or Zoom sessions. This allows for a necessary intake of information, dialogue of goals, challenges you have faced, previous dog training methods you have tried, context to the situation as well as one of the most crucial aspects of our teamwork; what we call making the mental shift. This is unique to our methods and includes covering your role, responsibilities and nurturing your self-reflective side to evaluate where we can grow your skill set, expectations, perceptions, understanding (as well as misunderstandings) of dog behavior and your confidence level.
  • Why do you have a non-profit rescue, sanctuary and behavioral business?
    I started rescuing animals when I was a child, true story, ask my mom! And continued that path through my teenage and young adult years. It has always been who I am, a rescuer’s heart. My educational background and rescue ways united into this beautiful journey as I saw a major need for dog training and behavioral modification as I saved more and more dogs over the years. Simply put, our foundation is unique in that we serve the community in a rescue and sanctuary role by rescuing unwanted dogs and cats from high-kill shelters, street life and neglectful home situations while simultaneously educating and advocating for humane, ethical, science-based behavioral modification. We provide rehabilitative services for rescues, adopters, fosters and private dog owners who are struggling with behavioral issues. We serve both ends of the leash in our #rescue #educate #advocate #love philosophy.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    We understand life and emergencies happen. We respectfully request a 24-Hour cancellation policy so we can serve our clients who need help but are waiting for an open appointment. If you are unable to keep your commitment, we will request a $65 cancellation fee.
  • Do you offer Board and Trains?
    We know that Board and Trains can have their own allure and appeal. But we have found a recipe for success in addressing behaviors in the context in which they are happening as well as empowering pet parents to take an active role in education, implementation and relationship building within the framework of a customized behavioral plan for their family. Unfortunately, there is no cheating the investment of your time, your energy and you working alongside your dog to reach your goals. In fact, that is often the missing ingredient for you and your dog to reach your highest potential! Unfortunately, most board and train programs simply cannot replicate the home variables that are at play in your home environment and these nuances most certainly are playing a role in your dog’s emotions and subsequent behaviors.
  • How do we schedule our appointment?
    We strive to make this process as customer friendly as possible. Please see our website for easy online appointments!
  • Can I volunteer with your non-profit?
    Absolutely! We would love to have more involvement for our current non-profit needs as well as to reach our long-term goals of opening more programs that serve the community. But in order to do that we need you!
  • “I represent a rescue or shelter and I am interested in finding out more for our specific application, where can I find this information?”
    A person after my own heart! We are intimately involved in the DFW rescue community and have goals of expanding our reach across the country with our distance learning programs and training material. Please email and we will get back with you about a partnership as soon as possible. We also feature our private training events for specific rescues in our blog, be sure and check those out.
  • Can my children be a part of the training process?
    We have a motto here at REAL Animal Sanctuary and Behavioral Solutions, “Safety first.” If we are dealing with behavioral goals that your children can safely be part of, then absolutely! In fact, we are parents too and in order to live training we often have to include our kids in this family journey. We are also so proud to have our Family Paws Parent Educator Certification which specializes in children and dog dynamics. If we see that children should not be part of the training sessions, depending on particular variables and dynamics we will have an open honest discussion with you. Practicality, safety and inclusion is definitely a standard practice for us!
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