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Jaxon Teller

Jaxon Teller

Hi! My name is

Jaxon Teller

Jax was most likely a breeder dump. He is a beautiful tri-color pit mix but he had a very large scar going down his side and was set to be put down. He was the only one of his litter there and his face just melted my heart. Jax was adopted out to a wonderful family but then returned after having him for a year. We took him back and found out he was having major skin and joint issues. After extensive veterinarian care we learned his legs were not genetically formed correctly and he would always walk a bit differently. He also required TPLO surgery, which has helped some. We love our Jaxy-poo despite his orthopedic needs that include chiropratic visits, cold laser therapy, canine massages, frequent vet visits for his skin, special food and countless possible surgeries for his legs. You are made differently but we love you all the same big boy!


Terrier - American Staffordshire




Adult (6 - 9 Years)

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