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Cloud has quite the long story. She came from an owner that had 2 female adult dogs (unspayed), 3 6 month old puppies (one was Cloud) and a litter of 11 4 week old puppies. There was no fencing, they were out in all the elements and crossed my path by being in the middle of the road one day. All I knew at the time was to offer fencing and to spay all the dogs that were age appropriate and take in the litter of very young puppies. To make a very long story short. We donated, constructed and built fencing and vetted the adult momma, the other one unfortunatley got hit by a car before we could finish the fencing. Rest her innocent soul. The 6 month old puppies were feral, never had been inside or touched so we had to trap them and vet them and give them back to the owner. The 4 week old litter was vetted and adopted out. And after a year of helping on this community outreach we noticed just one of the feral puppies roaming alone around town. When I went back the man had left and left Cloud behind. She was running around with other dogs and had been hit. I fed her religously daily. I was at occupancy with the Sanctuary but felt like networking her would be the only way to get her off the streets. I found a local resuce that specializes in trapping dogs and after a week they successfully trapped her, but unfortunately felt she was not able to remain in there resuce due to her behvaior. Without my knowledge they took her to Collin County Animal Control and she was urgent due to behavior. She does not have behavior issues she was just feral. So of course I went and got her and she has been with us ever since. We are working on rehabilitation and socialization. It has been a long process, but one day we will get there. For now she offers lots of play bows and tail wags and when she feels comfortable enough to feel affection for the first time in her life it will all be worth it.


Lancashire Heeler




Youth (2 - 5 Years)

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