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Behavioral Philosophy

An integrative approach to training using science, effective communication and the power of mindfulness of our own human behavior to teach and reach our goals with our dogs. Our one of a kind human-dog psychology encompasses the mind-body connections that are inherently at work in dog behavior.

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Animal Sanctuary

Sharing our home, hearts, and lives with animals that have been forgotten, abandoned, on death row, and in need of mental and physical healing is where our passion meets purpose.

REAL Behavior Solutions provides a holistic whole-body whole brain approach to training using positive science based reinforcement and relationship building principles rooted in educating both ends of the leash. 

Jennifer has helped me teach my long-term foster dog to overcome her fear aggression with other humans and animals. Jennifer is highly intelligent in the positive reinforcement training which helped Darla overcome her past and not put it off to the side. I recommend her for all kinds of training with your pets.

Alicia Hoang

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